sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015


Why do I blame myself?
So hard
just because I love
If we belong together
soul mates
Oh no
why universe could change something so valueable?
so divine
our decision
nobody can change our destiny, but us
believe me
it´s our choice
will you bet?
I´ve listened to the music
I´ve heard the sound of doubts
and I will respect your decision
but it´s about love
and nobody argues against it
just feel

Pieces of words

where are you
when the silence comes?
Where are you when the pain calls your name?
The peace is coming
I can feel it
and I can´t complain
It´s more about my voice
and my spirit
that claims for peace
reveal the face
that I cover now
I´ll remember tomorrow
because the reality exists
wherever it happens
Your star
Why are you so distant now?
The unknown
 that takes my breath away
and simply goes away
and I´m here now 
waiting for your words
or maybe for mine
I want to contact my soul again
and feel my existence
as nothing else could be
only now
Leave me with my loneliness
I need it
It´s all about choices
and hearing the voice of your soul
and being honest 
because no one can hold in its arms the truth of others soul
listen to my broken heart
I´m trying to find a medicine
that takes away the pain other people brought me and I couldn´t send to the universe
to become pure energy
and love
I like the old dice
that shows me the a different perspective
because it´s all about your eyes
and what you want to see
and how deep your soul can go
and you allow it to
Nothing seems to be real
when you lie to yourself
because nothing stands on their own if its soul is empty
no medicine can take the pain if it´s not allowed
Loneliness come and stay
Because the peace is close
I can feel it
I want it
I need it
Stay close to me
I would forget your face, but not your soul
your presence
your existence
because you are with me since a long time ago
maybe since the beginning
and nobody can separate us
because our truth is the love that join us, melt us in one strong and ethereal spirit
no rule can affect us
that´s why there´s no regret
no sin can judge this love
because it´s bigger than us
it´s the song
the one that nobody else can sing
but us
take me in your arms
and make me remember why I didn´t give up earlier
why I had chosen this life
I want to remember
I´ve lost the words for so long time that I want to take drugs and bring me to life again
nobody can save me "I" that I want to forget sometimes
that I blame for everything wrong that I do
I need to set me free
I want to fly
even if it´s the last time I see who I love
because the love goes through
shows another state of existence
even when the darkness tries to make us believe in blindness
even when lightness tries to make us believe in salvation
all that I want
bring me to black
bring me to the voice that takes my heart
bring to the black that I can´t understand
bring to me to the black that I can´t accept
stop fighting, my warrior
the war is over
or has just began
well, you don´t know
so please go back home and open the window and be able to see the horizon and be astonished
because that´s part of life´s beauty
close your eyes
feel your lips
touch your hands
and remember that you still exists

Peace, please come and stay

I searched so widely for you
I tried so hard to find you
You have no idea about the relief of having you on my hands
to be delighted by your brightness
to be happy for feeling alive again
because now I remember
the untold words
the future that is always waiting for us
for me
why I put you in a cage so ofently?
why I hold you tight in my darkness when all that I need is to listen this heart beat?
Oh God, why I make these wrong choices?
Why do I think so much when the Art is all that my sould can build?
Please tell me why I think the concrete can bring me the truth of my soul?
Why do I lie so many times? Nobody cares....only my voice inside, the deepest lie?
So, am I alone?
Please take your hat and go away
you are grown now
I can see your potential
My tears need to drop now
I won´t stop them
My spirit needs it
because now I can hear your voice
my heart
my soul
my truth
Rock n´roll with me
Bring me the soul
Bring me the blues
Bring me the jazz
all inside
all the essence of my existence
and stay
and watch
you will see
I have this thing of listening to a music several times with no pause
try to understand
nobody comes to this life with no purpose
something inside me decided to scream since the first second
I won´t give up so easily
I will fight
even when nobody can understand why
because I know
and nothing eles matters
You were there
since the beginning
and could see that a special creature was born
you´ve heard
you knew since the beginning
and I have no regrets
bring me the feeling
and I will show you what nature can be
bring me light
and I will go back to you
holding our baby in my arms
because nothing else can be more important
I cry
because I need to breath again
because I´m a stupid baby that wanted to be born in another world
when all I needed was here
I just  need to see
I need to want to see
Sing my song again
and whisper my thoughts as they were yours
and I will raise 
because I want to find my faith
Please come

Because I don´t want to be lost this way again
Pray with me
give me your hands
stay with me
I don´t want to be here without you
it´s not about timing and distance
it´s about soul
it´s about love
it´s all about being here

Não quero mais lembrar das coisas que não serão

Me desgarro do sorriso passado para amar o futuro

Coisas que perdi, pessoas que se foram
te perdi, mais rápido do que pude imaginar
Você nem pensou, nem analisou se também não estava errado
Simplesmente acabou e nem sei o que sentir ou dizer
como vento
escapei como fugitiva
sabia que esse dia chegaria, só não queria que fosse tão rápido
Lembranças do que achei que fosse o amor da minha vida
Mais uma vez estava errada......quando acertarei?
Te quis até meu último suspiro
Te amei como nunca pensei que poderia
Mas preciso te deixar ir
Essa é sua cina, não a minha
Esse é seu caminho, não o meu
Vc prefere sua vida solitária
achei que me quisesse com todas as suas forças
mas me enganei
e estou sozinha de novo
procurando por respostas que nunca virão
Mais uma parte de mim morreu hoje
e não sei como consertar

Life can be blue

I can´t even explain why I´ve left you for so much time....I missed you so much....the words....MY words!
The music just came in and my whole soul raised to listen to it.
Some things blew away and I thought that I would never be prepared to say Good Bye. But it´s gone now, I´m different, something has changed inside me and I feel that changes might come....they are knocking on my door now.
Those eyes, that power! Why I hold you so hidden inside me? Why did I sufocate you when all that I needed was to hear your voice and feel that you were alive, somehow, somewhere.
Hey, don´t go away and leave me alone here.
I want to listen my songs again, I want to choose the tones again, please, allow me to come into your world once more and see this beautiful world be opened to me...please allow me to watch this show again and feel the life coming intensely, in its most beautiful performance.
Plese don´t let me go again.
I need this world
I need these words
I need to know that I´m still alive
Please bring the darkness, but not for so long
You showed me those beautiful colors and now I learned to love them. I want to see them every day, every single day. Don´t take it away, please.
The waves came in a smooth way this time
I couldn´t understand it
not at that moment
But you showed me another way
The eyes
Gifts that life brings to me when reality becomes strange and I can´t understand why I came here
Life made me cry
made me cry
made the tears drop down and clean my soul
I thought I was lost
maybe it´s true
the way I found to stay here
no complainings
no regrets
fear controlled
heart finding his own way of beating
Thank you, my soul
Thank you
I´m waiting for the light, but now I believe
The beauty has changed
The beast inside
The fear that brings life
The bright eyes
Strong arms
to show me that sometimes is important to be strong
Honest soul
to show me how divine can be my weaknesses
Don´t let me down
Why I´ve heard it so many times and let it become bigger than the honesty of my soul?
Please set me free
The bird needs to fly
and find a good place to build its nest
I just ask you...don´t forget me!

terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014


Andre Matos found the right words...allow me to repeat them here...
"...Little lady, your tale has an end
For your love to the skies was sent
He's turned into sparks that shine with the stars..."

A new beginning....couldn't be so far for so many years from it...maybe the time was tough with me...maybe I was tough with myself.

The butterfly rebirth...from the ashes I raise again...because of your eyes....because of my love...because now I can coincidence, just it always should be.

Nothing in vain...found my all meanings.

No wrong ways....only following the sound of my heart beating.

The secret woman starts again....stars are blowing like words through the wind.