sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009

Coming feelings

There´s a lie

There´s a line between you and me where shadows have afraid to invade

You try to smile but your heart is a little bit creep, a little bit black

I hope you find your way and that it´s the best for you

There´s a face crying for our death cause we had all to be happy

But I think that this blood that is flowing out shows me that my heart is still hurt

I´m writing the notes in the partitur but my music still doesn´t make sense

I ask me no more why

I ask me can I make things happen or get better

I smile and I know that I´m strong enough to save myself without anybody

My tears drop down and I know that they´re my soul resurrection

But I know that the line that separate us is subtle and I don´t know why it is so protected.......maybe you want that it stands still like this.......but please it´s not healthy, love is healthy and forgiveness

Yes, you´re right, I can´t see how past can be a good way to begin again. So why sustain this parallel world, full of good memories, chaos of feelings and a dead lie?

The lie? That our love could be forever.