domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011

Réu do Bem

Somewhere in Europe, someday, a boy was born
God put in your heart a flame....

He couldn´t imagine that someday a person will write these words for him.....and because he makes my sister eyes shine like bright sun in the summer

Don´t think that I can´t understand you.....our eyes have a conscience that it´s not normal

Feel like a weird guy in a "perfect" society, full of the right people.....and us, just childs searching for answers that nobody could give us

Inside tears or tears on our was so hard to understand the evil in people, the missing honesty, transparence and truth

Oh, I know what you don´t need to tell me, your soul tells me through your eyes and I say....forgive, forget, love and live. You know you have all that you need to smile with all your heart.
Be the Phoenix! Did you forget? God put a flame into can live and die, many times as you need to learn, grow and be let your feathers go away, transcend yourself and just be this new "old" man.

God didn´t put in your hands and in your mind a Give without a meaning......think about´re blessed, you can create a new world everyday and put in paper and live in it, even for a little breath and be whatever you want. And you can do it for other people.......isn´t it incredible?

Believe in you, believe in your power and in your mission......dare it, don´t be´ll never be alone.

And when you feel like everything is gone and nobody can help you, remember:

You´re the Réu do Bem (Reuben).....because if there´s a purgatory somewhere you´re the guy who created new good worlds for people and brought smile where there wasn´t.