domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Dádivas e conquistas

Nuvens negras passaram e um lindo céu azul de nuvens brancas se abriu

Noites escuras se esconderam e deram passagem para céus estrelados

Cada sorriso está sendo dado com a felicidade de uma árvore plantada que teve que ser muito cuidada para florir.

Eyes shining like hearts fell in love

Now I see that the tortuous ways that I chose are the good paths to the happiness
I knew that something was missing and sometimes I just thought that its was my soul...
but now, it was there, whispering in my ears that I needed to believe, that wrong steps could teach us to choose the better ways.

The beauty of the butterflies are only when they have flies? Or all the things that they live, all the dangerous and risks that they face to survive and become stars in a flowery yard.

Hey, there you, dry these tears and believe, you´re winning! Enjoy it, live it, be it!

Black roses, beautiful for me, to a darkness maiden