sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

Life can be blue

I can´t even explain why I´ve left you for so much time....I missed you so much....the words....MY words!
The music just came in and my whole soul raised to listen to it.
Some things blew away and I thought that I would never be prepared to say Good Bye. But it´s gone now, I´m different, something has changed inside me and I feel that changes might come....they are knocking on my door now.
Those eyes, that power! Why I hold you so hidden inside me? Why did I sufocate you when all that I needed was to hear your voice and feel that you were alive, somehow, somewhere.
Hey, don´t go away and leave me alone here.
I want to listen my songs again, I want to choose the tones again, please, allow me to come into your world once more and see this beautiful world be opened to me...please allow me to watch this show again and feel the life coming intensely, in its most beautiful performance.
Plese don´t let me go again.
I need this world
I need these words
I need to know that I´m still alive
Please bring the darkness, but not for so long
You showed me those beautiful colors and now I learned to love them. I want to see them every day, every single day. Don´t take it away, please.
The waves came in a smooth way this time
I couldn´t understand it
not at that moment
But you showed me another way
The eyes
Gifts that life brings to me when reality becomes strange and I can´t understand why I came here
Life made me cry
made me cry
made the tears drop down and clean my soul
I thought I was lost
maybe it´s true
the way I found to stay here
no complainings
no regrets
fear controlled
heart finding his own way of beating
Thank you, my soul
Thank you
I´m waiting for the light, but now I believe
The beauty has changed
The beast inside
The fear that brings life
The bright eyes
Strong arms
to show me that sometimes is important to be strong
Honest soul
to show me how divine can be my weaknesses
Don´t let me down
Why I´ve heard it so many times and let it become bigger than the honesty of my soul?
Please set me free
The bird needs to fly
and find a good place to build its nest
I just ask you...don´t forget me!

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