sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

Peace, please come and stay

I searched so widely for you
I tried so hard to find you
You have no idea about the relief of having you on my hands
to be delighted by your brightness
to be happy for feeling alive again
because now I remember
the untold words
the future that is always waiting for us
for me
why I put you in a cage so ofently?
why I hold you tight in my darkness when all that I need is to listen this heart beat?
Oh God, why I make these wrong choices?
Why do I think so much when the Art is all that my sould can build?
Please tell me why I think the concrete can bring me the truth of my soul?
Why do I lie so many times? Nobody cares....only my voice inside, the deepest lie?
So, am I alone?
Please take your hat and go away
you are grown now
I can see your potential
My tears need to drop now
I won´t stop them
My spirit needs it
because now I can hear your voice
my heart
my soul
my truth
Rock n´roll with me
Bring me the soul
Bring me the blues
Bring me the jazz
all inside
all the essence of my existence
and stay
and watch
you will see
I have this thing of listening to a music several times with no pause
try to understand
nobody comes to this life with no purpose
something inside me decided to scream since the first second
I won´t give up so easily
I will fight
even when nobody can understand why
because I know
and nothing eles matters
You were there
since the beginning
and could see that a special creature was born
you´ve heard
you knew since the beginning
and I have no regrets
bring me the feeling
and I will show you what nature can be
bring me light
and I will go back to you
holding our baby in my arms
because nothing else can be more important
I cry
because I need to breath again
because I´m a stupid baby that wanted to be born in another world
when all I needed was here
I just  need to see
I need to want to see
Sing my song again
and whisper my thoughts as they were yours
and I will raise 
because I want to find my faith
Please come

Because I don´t want to be lost this way again
Pray with me
give me your hands
stay with me
I don´t want to be here without you
it´s not about timing and distance
it´s about soul
it´s about love
it´s all about being here

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